This is nuts🤣🤣

Desmond Uyiosa Abifade, popularly known as Biskit, was a cast member of the hugely BKChat London show. He already has had his fair share of controversy and it seems like those days are not going to be over anytime soon as a video of him grabbing his mother’s butt has surfaced.

Screen-recorded from his Snapchat, Biskit, who was convicted for fraud last year is shown leaning towards his mother and grabbing her butt as she asks if he isn’t going to work. It has since gone viral and thrown social media into a frenzy.

People are screaming incest, while others are speculating that he was just doing it for Social Media relevance. It has also sparked debates about incest, and the parallels with LGBTQ.

Anyway, as Social Media rages, see some of the most hilarious reactions to the video.


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