Thank God for safety

Beautiful actress, wife and mother of two, Sophie Alakija shared a story of how close she and her family came to being dead in a car accident.

She narrated in the instagram post that she was on her way home with her husband and two kids in the car when two cars collided and ran into theirs. Sophie relayed how horrifying it was to think that her husband and first son were gone because they were because the impact was on the side they both were.

She reported that they all came out without any scratch but for slight pains. Sophie urged everyone to thank God on her behalf and commented on the late or no response from the ambulance department.

She shared photos of the car with the words below:- 

God truly is amazing. We take life for granted oblivious to the fact that we can literally be gone any second.

That’s my car, last night on our way home my family and I (my husband, myself and our 2 kids) were inside when 2 cars collided and ran into us. We literally spun a couple of times till we eventually stopped facing oncoming vehicles. It was a horror as I thought my husband and first son were gone because the impact was on the side they both were. All 4 of us came out without a single scratch (Though alaxx’ old dislocation came off again and I’ve got whip lash and my head hasn’t stopped hurting but the doc says I’m all good). All I can say is I’m thankful for life because my life flashed before my eyes, it easily could’ve been a case of ‘RIP’ (God forbid). Just when I’m about to blow? How naaauuuu?! Help me thank God oh. May we never be victims!

It is not our portion for people to say ‘ahhh I just spoke to them’ ‘ahhh I just saw them’. Please please please let’s always remember to wear our seat belts, both front and back, always! Lord knows it would’ve been a completely different case if we weren’t wearing seat belts. It really is for our own safety, no one else’s. Of which ambulance well done oh! That’s how people would’ve died on the scene and you wouldn’t have responded 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 ‘continu’. Also let’s remember to always appreciate the ones we still have around us. To God be all the glory. 🙏🏽


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