This is just a Nollywood movie in waiting🤣🤣

My people, dahs how i went on Twitter this morning to find berger to ajah trending, innocently thinking their was traffic or something. What i discovered ehn, e pass me. 

This is how we're looking at the matter currently

This is how we're looking at the matter currently

Nigerian Twitter is currently lit up with this hilarious, yet serious drama about a guy named 'Uche' who has managed to exonorate himself from rape allegations by a lady he had an affair with in 2016.

According to Twitter user @omogedami, she claimed her friend Bimbo  was 'raped' by Uche and she went on to make a thread about it with screenshots of chats as back up.

Uche Immediately responded with his counter thread and screenshots of chats saying he never raped her and not long after the supposed vitim,  '@b_moree_' did her own thread too saying, 'First thing, I did not accuse Uche of rape, as you can see, I said ‘I allowed him’ I didn’t want to have sex, but I did, because I didn’t want to get raped again'.

Nigerians on social media are having a swell time with this story with hilarious memes and tweets. 

See the full drama below.

Here are some reactionsas the story unfolded

For those who have the patience, here's the rest of the story...

Bimbo's thread

Bimbo's thread

More reactions below:


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