So you've got yourself a man; is he husband material? Read on to make up your mind.

1.) He Knows Who He Is

Your guy has a strong understanding of his own character and convictions, what he values and what he doesn’t. This should be obvious even though it’s often overlooked. If you're going to be stuck with him for the rest of your life, you have to make sure you both are on the same page when it comes to issues that matter. And if he doesn't know himself you can't be on the same page.

2.) He Compliments You Regularly

A compliment has the power to lift you up when you're down and they're especially powerful when they come from your significant other. If he's not giving you compliments regularly, what are you still doing with him?

3.) He Surprises You Regularly, Especially With Credit Alerts

Ladies, we know you like money. It's okay, we all like money and when bae keeps blessing your account why won't you marry him? While money shouldn't be the main focus of your relationship, if he's surprising you with gifts, nice gestures and money then he's already husband material.

4.) He Puts Effort Into The Relationship

Your man wants to be in the relationship and he's putting in the work.  He knows when and how to hold you, how to cuddle you and has the right intentions even though he might not always have all the right words. If you have a problem, he wants to find a way to solve it, he wants to work harder, to be better, to be his best self for you.

5.) He Loves Your Good Qualities And Accepts All Your Quirks

You don’t need to hide your true self from your man because he loves you just the way you are and embraces your quirks as part of who you are and sees them as what makes you special. If this sounds like your boo then you know for sure that you can share your true self and be vulnerable around him.

You go girl.

6.) He's A Total Gentleman

Your boo is courteous and treats you with respect. He opens your doors, takes off his jacket to keep you warm, pays attention to you and generally treats you right. If you have this man, don't hide him. Marry him!

7.) He Values Communication

He knows when to talk to you, he reaches out often and always remembers to call because he knows the importance of always keeping in touch. He's open with you, shares important information and makes you a big part of his decision-making process.

8.) He's Trustworthy

If you have any reason to doubt your man, then honey you really shouldn't be in a relationship with him. Honesty and trust is everything in a relationship and if you’ve established trust with each other, the rest of the relationship should come naturally.

9.) He Knows How To Make You Laugh

The fact that he can get you to laugh and let loose over anything is such a big deal. It’s even better if your man can lighten the mood during stressful moments. Hold on to him babe, hold on to him.

10.) He Views You As A Partner

You and bae are a team. He sees you as an equal of great value that he can grow with. He respects everything about you and sees great value in your partnership. 

Does your man check all these boxes? Congratulations, it's time to get married because he's 100% a keeper.  

Now that you're sure of your man don't be stingy, share this with your friends so they can be sure as well and if you're not sure about your woman; find out if she's a keeper here


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