Is the woman who holds your heart wifey material? Read on to find out

1.) She's Supportive

Your woman is your number 1 fan. She's here for all your endeavors and doesn't feel the need to look down on your ambitions or mock efforts you make. Your S.O should help not hinder. If she's not doing this, what are you still doing there?

2.) She Surprises You

Surprises are great. They show us that the people in our life are thinking about us and ways to make us happy. If your woman isn't doing the little things to show that she cares about you and your wellbeing is she even your woman?

A surprise doesn't have to be over the top, it could be something as simple as your S.O. restocking your fridge because she noticed you ran out of groceries.

3.) She's Honest

Your woman tells you the truth, even when you don't want to hear it. A woman who will call bullshit when she sees it is just the person you want to build a lasting relationship with. You don't want a woman that's going to agree with every single thing you say and put up with habits or attitudes she can't stand.

4.) She Gives You Your Space

You enjoy your space and your woman understands this and gives you the space you need from time to time. If she can't handle you taking some personal time then you need to think carefully about continuing the relationship.

5.) She Pays For Dates

Your woman has no problem paying when you go out on a date. She'll treat you to special dates sometimes and foot the bill because she cares about you and wants you to understand that you're partners in your relationship.

6.) She's Confident In Who She Is

Someone who isn't comfortable in their own skin is a lot to deal with. She'll constantly seek self-assurance from you and this will get boring over time. Fishing  for a compliment once in a while is completely normal but when this is a constant part of your relationship you might want to take a step back. 

7.) She Never Acts Fake

Your woman is as authentic as they come. She never feels like she has to put on an act just to please you or the people around her. She keeps it real with you and isn't afraid to devour a nice helping of amala and ewedu when she's out with you. 


8.) She's Goal-Oriented

It's easy to build strong foundations for the future with a goal-oriented person. This woman has a direction in life and the drive to actually find success in whatever she does. If your woman displays this treat, you'd better hold on to her.

9.) She's Loved By Family And Friends

Her friends and family love her; yours do as well. Family and friends are important parts of relationships, those that are close to you should have love and respect for your woman. While your woman may not necessarily get along with every single member of your family or all your friends she shouldn't have issues with all of them. 

10.) She Wears Her Heart On Her Sleeve

She is never one to hide how she feels. She's open about her feelings and is able to tell you her stand on certain things because she trusts you enough with her emotions and her heart. 

If your queen checks all these boxes, you should put a ring on it before someone else does. 

Now that you know if your woman is a keeper don't be stingy, share this with your friends so they can be sure as well and if you're not sure about your man; find out if he's a keeper here.


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