So if your boyfriend is exhibiting any of these traits, you need to beware.

1. The Art Of Crunching Numbers

1. The Art Of Crunching Numbers

Can you be a G-Boy and be bad at math? No, baby boy. No, you cannot.

Yahoo boys are very smart, perhaps even smarter than your local accountant. They know how much should be going out and how much should replace it.

How can you scam someone of their money if you don't understand money?

2. Spending Money Like their Lives Depend On it

2. Spending Money Like their Lives Depend On it

Have you ever spent money you didn't work for? You know that carefree feeling you get when you're throwing money away? That feel that is devoid of the chest pain and migraines that come from getting debit alerts? Yes, that's a sign you're spending someone else's hard earned money.

Yahoo boy experience this on a daily. Why do you think they are always fresh?

To be a G-Boy is to collect someone else's money and spend it entirely without guilt.

Which brings me to my third item

3. Your Conscience Must Belong To Satan

3. Your Conscience Must Belong To Satan

We don't mean yahoo boys are terrible, heartless servants of Satan. 

No No No

They are not servants of Satan, they sit on the board with Satan.

Because Yahoo Boys never deal in small amounts; they gun for the big bucks knowing that someone somewhere has worked their whole lives to amass the money, this means they must be able to take all that money without blinking an eye.

To be successful as a G-Boy, you cannot be tied down by something as trivial as a conscience. What is that? 

However, they do have their soft spots and this leads us to the last step.

4. Yahoo Boys Are Romantic

4. Yahoo Boys Are Romantic

Whoever Said Nigerian Men Are Not Romantic?

Question: What does a yahoo boy do? 

Answer: He convinces people to trust him with their money. And we all have our soft spots. Some people are looking for a friend, some need a confidant and some are just looking for a partner.

They transform into what that person needs and if they need romance, our people are ready to give it to them.


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