Your dreams might be hints of real life trouble.

Dreams can be very confusing and you might not know whether to take them seriously or with a tiny pinch of salt, well these are 5 signs that will tell you if your dream should be taken seriously or not. Psychologists have also said that dreams are messages from your subconscious

1.If you see yourself flying in the dream

Most people will take flying as a bad sign but it doesn't always mean you have been initiated by your classmate who gave you food. However, psychologists have found that flying in a dream could be both negative and positive and should be taken very seriously (but not call your pastor serious). It could be a sign that you need to think about your life and get rid of the toxic things weighing you down.

2. If you find yourself falling in your dreams

If you find yourself falling in a dream then you should take that dream and the occurrences in the dream seriously. Falling in a dream could signify that you might be losing control in a certain aspect of your life. 
If you were pushed then it means someone is causing a lot of problems in your life but if you suddenly trip and fall then your problems are coming from you.

3. If you dream of being lost

If you are lost in your dreams then you should probably take the dream as seriously as you can cause it means you are making wrong decisions and your subconscious feels scared and anxious about where thee decisions might lead you. If you never find your wait out in the dream then you are avoiding making a very important decision.

4. Being chased

If you have a dream where you are being chased thee people but could be someone you have a pending issue it means you are probably running away from something in real life. If you have a clue about who is chasing you, it doesn't mean it's your village people, it could just mean that you have a pending issue with that person and your subconscious wants you to resolve it.

5. Being trapped

If you dream about being trapped then it could mean that you are stuck in a rut in real life and the fear you are feeling is what your subconscious feels in that situation. It also means you badly want to get out f that situation but it is holding you down and is overpowering you. You just need to think about commitments you are no longer interested in and sort it out.


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