Join me as I help you know your Lagos!

Most times, we get ripped of by the shylocks in our society. Making 100% or even 200%  gain on items they sell. 

This article will be showing you markets to get things at wholesale prices in Lagos

Oya say thank you 

1. Balogun Market

This market opens by 5am and you can purchase literally anything there!! From clothes to shoes to equipments just to mention a few

2. Alaba Int'l Market

Alaba market is situated at Volks  before Iyana Oba! 

Alaba screams out ELECTRONICS!! Both fairly used and brandnew.

But of course, you can also get other things there like CDs, thrifted clothes etc 

3. Computer Village

I'm sure you are already familiar with this one. Computer Village is the home of ICT and accessories and it's at Ikeja! 

4. Mile 12

At Mile 12, it's always raining food stuffs!!! Mile 12 is your market woman's market! 

5. Ladipo

Ladipo is the home of Mechanics and quality mechanic solutions at affordable rates.

6. Jankara Market

Jankara Market is the largest market in Lagos. You can find  everything from tie-dyed cloth, trade beads and jewellery, etc. 

Basically a hub for locally made goods! 

7. Oshodi Market

Oshodi is like the mainland Balogun! You get everything and anything there! 

At night, a thrift market is birthed!

8. Oyingbo

This is another food stuff market! To get the best out of this market, go better 5am-8am


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