We can't wait

If you are one of the 3.3 Million Instagram users that follow BankyW on the app then your appetite must have been deliciously wet by the Up North teasers being dropped by the celebrity.

The movie directed by Tope Oshin, one of Nigeria’s popular movie directors, is due to hit the cinemas on December 28th 2018 and the anticipation is too much to bear. However, if you think it’s not that much of a big deal, allow us to convince you. 

1. You See The North In All Its Splendour

1.	You See The North In All Its Splendour

A percentage of Nigerians who are not from the northern part of the country might only associate the Hausa populated part of the region with instability, terrorism and harsh weather.  BankyW has managed to debunk those ideas through teasers alone.  From his one minute clips, you can see the beauty of the north, from brown hills to vast stretches of greenery and pristine lakes. BankyW puts an effort into bringing forth the north’s breathtaking beauty, straying from the Lagos-themed approach most Nigerian movies follow. 

2. Have You Seen Adesua In A Hijab?

2.	Have You Seen Adesua In A Hijab?

I bet you haven’t until Up North. She plays a beautiful Muslim lady from the north whose character falls in love with Ibrahim Suleiman. Adesua, who can be likened to Nigeria’s sweetheart breathes grace into this character and proves yet again how much of a versatile actress she really is. 

3. Encouraging Corps Members To Serve In The North

3.	Encouraging Corps Members To Serve In The North

We all know of someone who admitted tohaving a terminal disease in order to get out of serving in Borno state. AsNigerians will fondly say, ‘I cannot come and kill myself’ because  the first thing that pops into your head whenasked to travel up north for the compulsory 1 year service is ‘Relocation’.

And even after confirmation that the northis safe from the Boko Haram insurgents, we’re still cooking up imaginarydiseases to get relocated.

 UpNorth will not only prove that serving inthe north is safe but could also make for an exhilarating experience.

4. BankyW’s Acting The Part Of A Spoilt Brat

4.	BankyW’s Acting The Part Of A Spoilt Brat

 Banky debuted his acting career with the role of the lover boy but have you seen him channeling his mischievous side?  This is what UpNorth has to offer. And if you don’t care for the man, it’ll be simply satisfying to watch him roll in the mud and get beat up as you chew on your caramel-flavored  popcorn.

 I secretly cannot wait because this man and his wife have been disturbing my feed with their marriage which is actual real-life goals. So can I watch him do 50 frog jumps? Plis, dears.

5. Tourism

5.	Tourism

Why should you break the bank in Bali in a bid to have a bomb Instagram feed when you can go Up North?

I know I am already packing my bags for Bauchi. Who is with me?


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