It's not every time tall, dark and handsome.

Most women always describe their dream man as "tall" dark and handsome but here are some reasons why short men are the way to go.

1. Short men are very confident and handsome

Most short men always have a very nice aura of confidence around them, they are handsome and just plain cute They are able to carry themselves well and practically ooze charisma that has a way of attracting you to them. 

2. Short men are more likely to earn more than you

A sociologist study has shown that short men are more likely to be the breadwinner in their homes as they would definitely out-earn their partners so there would no issues of you leaving a high paying job just to make him feel better

3. Short men do house work

Statistics have shown that short men are more likely to help out with the house chores than tall men. They love their women to a fault and would do anything to keep them happy even it means washing plates and sleeping the house.

4. Short men are less likely to get divorced

Again, statistics are working to the favor of short men as it has revealed that divorce rates are 32 percent lower for short men when compared with tall men and men of average height. Therefore statistics favor your marriage just for it being to a short man.

5. He will love and value you

There is just a special kind of loving and appreciation that he will give you that will rival that of his tall counterparts. He is more likely to be faithful to you and the values of your marriage.

6. You do not have to stretch too much to kiss him

One of the perks of dating a guy who is not too tall is that you do not need a ladder to kiss him (assuming you are not tall, yourself). Both of you can kiss comfortably and for as long as you want. 

7. Short men are funny

Short men are usually very funny and fun to talk to. They are actually good conversationalists and will definitely keep you happy and entertained.


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