She said, "Boy bye"

Diddy and Cassie, while they lasted, gave us black excellence vibes. As you may already know, the two were together for a decade dishing couple goals and leaving us in anticipation of their wedding date. We had even picked out the aso-ebi for them but it just never seemed to happen. 

While some of us had an issue with Diddy's refusal to pop the question, it appeared Cassie didn't have a problem.... until she did.  The two reportedly split up in October 2017, shortly before the mother of Diddy's children passed away. 

Now, Diddy has been seen posting pictures of Cassie on Instagram hinting that he wants her back but nothing prepared us for what Cassie did next. He put up a cute picture of her in a bathtub writing "I love Cassie" 

And guess how Cassie responded?

With a whole new man. A fine one too!

But here you are, ready to run back to Femi that has cheated on you five times. You better use your head this 2019.


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