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I shut down my computer at exactly 2:28am, which leaves me just two hours of my cherished sleep. Since the saying that ‘no sleep till I’m rich,’ short nights have become a thing in my Lagos story. These short nights do not permit me the luxury of dreaming; the only thing in my sub-conscious is the hustle I will continue when the day breaks.


I woke up, prayed, bathed and made for the day. It was a rain threatening day that I ignored without regrets. I saw the sky changed from grey to a very dark hue, I was still bent on making the appointment for that day. The downpour manifested its bounty by the time I got into the keke napep.

Events did not allow me to regret such move because I had a goal for that day. The rain did not promise to slow down neither did I alter my determination. That was sure not my first time of getting drenched to panties.


If you know how it looks like when it rains in Ajah/Lekki area of Lagos, you would run to me with a bowl of hot chicken soup and blanket. I returned home dry like nothing happened, I thought to myself that it can only get better while I trust the process….

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