According to Cardi, she had to do those things to survive.

Grammy award winner, Cardi B, has come under fire after a 3-year-old live video where she admitted to drugging and robbing men, surfaced online. 

In the one minute video, Cardi explained that nothing was ever handed to her and she had to take matters into her own hands to reach the height she attained. Breaking down, she revealed that to pay for her studio sessions, she had to drug and rob men of their money.

With people likening this case to that of Bill Cosby, Cardi has come out to do some damage control and address the contents of the old video.

In a new Instagram post, she admitted that she isn't proud of what she did but it was all in an attempt to survive. She added that while some rappers would glorify it in their music, she has kept the experience far away from her music. 


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