She's even telling them to stop buying her music

You might know that Simi's Instagram platform is about the camera, lights and bubbling champagne but you would also know that Simi lends her voice to several causes including the unpopular ones. 

Just when we thought the artist had left Instagram to the pretty pictures and funny videos, she holds an Instagram Live session to call out Yahoo boys who continuously drag the Nigerian image through the mud, holding up the dirty pictures to the world.

As many Nigerians are aware, the country is seen to be the symbolic capital of fraudulent activities and many international employers are put off, merely, by the fact that a person is Nigerian.

And while some artists choose to glorify this cankerworm, others have strongly come out against it. In a new Instagram Live, Simi contributed to the conversation saying;

They are laughing at us. I am repeating it because I have seen it. Do you know how many Nigerians going to business meetings or just to get the smallest opportunity for themselves to make it and they leave with nothing because they are Nigerian, that’s the only excuse they get. Sorry, we can not work with Nigerians. 

during the session, some of her fans quickly brought to her knowledge that her music is being bought by some of these some of these people she's calling out but Simi responsed; saying they could stop purchasing her music, if that'll help. 

Simi didn't come to play in this session and while she is facing criticism from some fans, fellow artists like MI Abaga have stood with Simi against internet fraud.


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