No be shaku shaku dance they dance oooo!

A duo of Nigerian dancers (not Naija based though) are happy to be part of a big history as they featured on stage with Beyonce during her Coachella Music Festival performance. Diddi Emah  and  Kendra Oyesanya are saying with all the enthusiasm in the world that "dreams come true."

Diddi Emah whose instagram bio reads: .....Nigerian to the bone...... wrote under a video of her performance at the renown festival:

God bless you @beyonce!!! @jaquelknight would I have done without you? 

This one is for all the small girls in villages back home in Nigeria. God is alive and kicking! Dream as big as you can-and then believe it! Thank you for all the support. To perform behind the first black woman to SLAY the stage at Coachella-to slay the world. All hail the QUEEN @beyonce . She is a true masterpiece. IVE NEVER WATCH SOMEONE WORK THAT HARD Let alone a woman. Thank you to all the Historical Black Colleges-you made this possible. I’m so proud to be African and American. 

While Kendra Oyesanya  can be seen on her stunning yellow dance outfit in a happy picture she shared on her instagram saying she was sure her late father was watching her  from the front row. She called it a dream come true: 

A dream come true 😌💫Performed with the one and only @beyonceAt #Coachella


I don’t know why I had to lose my dad during this process, but I know he was watching me from the front row 🙏🏾❤️ Thank you Beychella ❤️And Thank you @jaquelknight & @chrisgranted #FullCircle


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