Fresh off the stables of Chimamanda. . .

Our favorite novelist is in the news again (as usual), somebody say wawu! There are no two reasons for having nobel laureate, Chimamanda Adiche in the news other than emphatic quotes of the things she said in her recent interview. Have you dragged a seat yet?

The award wining feminist icon drops a cold one on men from her feminist point of view. In an interview with Vulture, Chimamanda revealed what having a child meant to her, how her life and some of her personal opinions have changed as a result of becoming a mother.

She said:

" I used to think I wouldn't be a good mother because I was so dedicated to my art. I said to myself, I have nephews and nieces who I adore, and I helped raise them, so they will be my children. That's what I thought for a long time, because I felt that I couldn't be true to both my art and my child.

Getting older. I like to joke and say that you are ready [to have a child]  when our body isn't ready, and when your body is ready, you re not mentally ready.      

I guess you have the best eggs when you re, like, 22, but at 22 you don't even know yourself. Then you're 38 and you know yourself, your eggs are not the best quality. Anyway we'll talk about eggs another time." 

She revealed further that having a child interrupts her writing to an extent but also opens up a new range of emotions that can inspire art which men can't experience.   

"But my baby happened, and it's important to honestly talk about this, because having a child changed a lot.Having a child gets in the way of writing. It does.  You can't own your time the way you used to.

"But the other thing that motherhood does - and I kind of feel sorry for men that they can't have this - is open up a new emotional plane that can feed your art." 


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