1. Hardworking


Wizzy is no doubt one of the most hardworking young men in the music industry. From Ojuelegaba to U.S.A. our Starboy is living proof that your background doesn't have to determine your future.

2. Classy


Wizkid has proven to be a trendsetter. Our Rihana in a male version. They make every trashy outfit look stylish

3. Legendary


We can all agree that Wizkid has driven himself to a state of legendary. He has already taken over the hearts of so many. Regardless of how or what he sings, everybody is still going to dance.

4. Private Life

Private Life

You only know what he wants you to know. Show me something sexier than a man who knows how to keep his public business private.

5. Great Performer

Great Performer

From changing the stories of disabled men on stage to giving the girls some sugar and making the crowd go gaga, Wizzy is undoubtedly one hell of a performer.


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