Because reading this list is important but laughter it will bring you is importanter

It all started when this music artiste named Zamorra (@zamosings) released a song that was seemingly going under the radar until somebody discovered the gold in the lyrics o...

And now...Nigerians have taken it upon themselves to make a list of all the things that are also importanter, like...

Aiissh...see revelation

Preach preacher!

Can the angel blow the trumpet now? I think Nigeria is ready😭



Ashud nor even lie...VISA i don't know why but this 1 is sweeting me

You are forever blessed my brother!

Hahaha.. odawise...yaff 'gba penalty lo throwin"

Yes Yes Yesssss

Lemme nor say anything member can be reading this now...

Because Love has received healing in deliverance service, e no blind again kwa!

I suspect my gehfwend in dis tweet...

Laughing at this list is IMPORTANT but sharing with your friends and family is IMPORTANTER abeg🤣🤣

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