Falz is the new Fela

Falz is not finished tackling political, cultural and economic problems Nigeria is riddled with. It appears his songs like 'This Is Nigeria' and 'Child Of The World' were just the beginning. He is out with another song called 'Talk' which tackles our irresponsible government and the stagnant state of development in the nation. 

The visuals for this song is both creative and insightful. Falz seamlessly alternates between the digital and the real world. In the video, his brother appears to be playing a video game set at 'Save Nigeria' as Falz talks about our political challenges.

Falz effortlessly mixes humour with his criticism of the country. He hints at political parties, Buhari's numerous vacation trips, the unruly Senate and the lawsuit threat by MURIC after the release of his song titled 'This is Nigeria'

You might want to see this video more than once.


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