The more we read this, the more sense it makes.

The Big Brother Naija auditions have finally started and Nigerian youths are waiting hours to be seen, sweating, fainting, fighting and even jumping fences. 

We don't know how much the prize money is but we all know BBNaija is not remotely about winning the money. While money is always nice, the show is more about the platform it offers to build your brand. Most Big Brother housemates that were evicted before the completion of the show have come out to become more successful.  

However, this Twitter user emphasizes that BBNaija does not just take you from 0 to 100. You need to have made yourself noticeable enough as the auditions are a mere distraction. According to him, the organizers of the show have already made their choice. 

All the people that went to auditions right now

All the people that went to auditions right now


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