We need to talk

Every once in a while day, Nigerians do things to make us question our own sanity. Today, we shall be going into politics. The general elections will be holding a few days from today and political aspirants are in the last leg of their campaign. This is usually where things get heated, candidates get desperate and things are hurled at junior staff.

One of the candidates contesting a seat at the House of Representatives to represent the Eti-Osa constituency is Ibrahim Babajide Obanikoro, who is running under the All Progressives Party (APC). A few days ago, Obanikoro's poster was seen on a dumpster and this raised a lot of questions.

You could say Obanikoro does not personally go out to paste his own posters, therefore, this post is irrelevant, however, could we also assume Obanikoro does not have young and competent people working on his team? 

People dedicated to giving him a good image, at least, until he wins the elections, as is the way with Nigeran politicians. 

There are so many things wrong with this but I shall start at the beginning. 

  • Defacing a place that has already been defaced is making the problem worse. Obanikro comes from a line of Nigerian politicians. His father served as a senator for six years. People working under Obanikoro could have brought the state of that dumpster to his attention. Instead, they chose to paste it there, make sure it was fine and whistled as they walked away 
  • Is the presence of the poster on that dumpster meant to pass a message? "Vote for me and I'll help you clear this. Don't and it shall remain here"

  • That poster shows how half-assed our politicians actually work. Obanikoro has not won yet so considerably, he has fewer responsibilities than he would if he were elected. All he has to do is campaign and he can't even seem to do that well. 
  • And my last point would be why politicians think they can deface everywhere with their posters. Side eye: Sanwo Olu. They feed us their beautified agenda and then walk straight to deface everywhere in the city.
We need to do better as a people.


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