There are a number of things athletes can be known for, but having a unique hairstyle is one of the most memorable images fans take to mind about their favorite pro athletes. From mullets to Afros, rats tails to buzz cuts, pampered sports stars prove to us over and over again just how much money and time they have to express their showmanship in a manner that simply defies belief.

Here is a list of our top 5 most hilarious and ridiculous pro athlete haircuts.

1. Dennis Rodman

Dennis Rodman

Not surprisingly, NBA great Dennis Rodman, is in top spot on this list for all of his hilarious, ridiculous and somewhat crazy hairstyles over the years. From bright blue, to pink, to orange, to yellow, to green, Earnie cartoons, Afros, Bulls logos, you name it Dennis wore it all on his head.

2. Peter Wright

Peter Wright

No one dedicates themselves to a crazy haircut like darts player Peter Wright. Over the years, Wright has been symbolized for his incredible hairstyles that are never short of pure amazement to the viewing public. Peter once told the British press his wife Jo, takes 2 hours out of her day, everyday, to do his hair. 

3. Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow

Poor Tim Tebow was subject to the Friar Tuck look in 2010 by the Broncos and the quarterback never really recovered after that. Of all the Robin Hood characters to emulate, Friar Tuck was the worst choice possible. Come on Tim, you can't be doing that.

4. Taribo West

Taribo West

The late 1990s was indeed a crazy time for everybody, but really Taribo West has no excuse because those stumpy bright green plants on his head (a complete terrible excuse for dreads) had no place on any soccer pitch. The former Nigerian international lit up France 1998 and Japan/Korea 2002 with his outlandish style which caught the eye of fans all over the globe.

5. Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods

A lot of people actually may have missed that one time when Tiger attempted to look like a cast member of the O.C., which turned out to be a massive fail. Tiger probably wanted to literally live up to his name and went out in public with blotched blonde spots on his head for some reason. I guess the terrible reception to Tiger's ridiculous hairstyle was enough for the golfing legend to get rid of the phony blonde tips very quickly which explains why many may have missed it altogether, but we didn't!


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