Are you the one suspected to be into yahoo or are you the snob?

How often do people see you on your street?

When you see an attractive person pass by, what do you do?

When your street fellas try to make a conversation, what do you do?

Would you have a meal at the local restaurant on your street?

What do you feel about walking down your street, on a Monday morning, to see someone before you've had a shower?

If you lock yourself out of your house, your first instinct is to..

Are you likely to get invited to a house party on your street?

QUIZ: Which Nigerian Street Character Are You?

  1. You got: The Yahoo Plus Individual

    You're the one everybody suspects is into Yahoo Yahoo because you don't seem to have a job. 

  2. You got: The Snob

    Nobody really likes you and they say your shoulder is too high but you don't care. 

  3. You got: The Casual Character

    You're the one everybody likes but knows their boundaries around. 


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