Issa 6 packs and john thomas something!

He has done it once and he is not afraid to do it again! Five Star Music front liner, Kcee is known for his dramatic photo shoots usually to announce a new song. The last time he did it, he had himself immersed in the swimming pool while completely dressed on a white shirt, black pant and a pair of suspenders. 

The previous photo attracted a lot of comments and internet frenzy as it was an exact replica of Canadian actor, Ryan Gosling’s. 

To think that Kcee went a bit over the top in the previous shoot, this time he has gone miles farther to catch our attention. It does't seem so much of a surprise because Brymo has pulled a more serious similar move.

Kcee's almost naked new photos came with new hash tags that point at a new wave as usual. He wrote:

FOCUS~ Sometimes in order to get to the next level, you need to separate yourself from others and face the man in the mirror.  #bullionsquad #bullionvan

okay naw, who rocked it better?

okay naw, who rocked it better?


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